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Tips for Packing Breakables

Moving can be overwhelming, and it is most stressful when you attempt to ensure that your breakable items make it to your new location safe and unscathed. However, learning how to pack your breakables properly can reduce the chances of any mishaps.


While any old box may do, the best boxes for breakables are cardboard dish barrels. While these may be more expensive than conventional cardboard boxes, they can help absorb the shock much better. Unlike conventional cardboard boxes, cardboard dish barrels are made of thicker cardboard. This thickness helps to absorb the shock of moving and jarring better than the thin cardboard that conventional boxes are made of. If you do decide to use regular boxes, be sure to use good sturdy ones; we sell these at a reasonable price.


You can’t even imagine how many breakables suffer a terrible fate because of the wrong tape or the improper taping of a box. The tape is the glue that holds the box together, so it’s essential to get the taping process right. Avoid duct or masking tape when taping up your boxes. Instead, purchase only packing tape. It is specifically made to hold together heavy boxes.

When taping the boxes, be sure that the box is put together properly. Then, with a tape gun, draw the tape all the way across the seam and about one-third of the way up the side. This will help to further secure the box, reducing the chances that the box will come apart when it is being moved.

Paper is used to cushion the breakables during the moving process. While you can use regular newspaper, you should keep in mind that the ink will transfer to your breakables. This means that you will have to wash them once they are unpacked. If you don’t want to endure the extra chore of washing your breakables after the move is over, purchase white packing paper. This paper works just as well as newspaper, but without the messy ink transfer.


Before you actually start wrapping, you should start with a soft bed of paper on the bottom of your box. Avoid laying the folded paper inside the bottom of the box. Instead, crumple up several pieces of paper. This will do a better job of absorbing the shock.

When wrapping glasses, paper should be inserted into the open end, which will provide extra cushioning. Plates and bowls should use at least two layers of paper to ensure that there is enough cushioning between each plate.

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